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Learn more about TruthFinder’s customer responses from each review site platform. Here’s a comprehensive report on how TruthFinder performs and how it compares to its various competitors.

What We Found

TruthFinder has an average score of 3.8 and is a highly reputable brand compared to its competitors. TruthFinder provides accurate andaffordable reportscompared to other people search engines.

Third-Party Review Platforms Overall Summary 


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Consumer Affairs

TruthFinder is one of the highest-ranked public records services that we’ve found. It has outranked various other competitors with its 4.1 score. There have been plenty of positive reviews that speak of its reliable and quality information.


“I found what I was looking for and the customer service was excellent! I was treated very fair by the company and again I received excellent care and no runarounds' when I had been charged after closing my account. The promise that all my information was archived and the invite to come back if I needed the service from Truth finder! Thank you.” - Joy of Dinosaur, CO (10/08/19)

TruthFinder has been stated to have a very great customer support team and you can really see that this holds true to all of its customers. TruthFinder prides itself by providing the best experience for its customers.

“I'm into genealogy (amateur only) and I found some long-lost cousins and other family members--I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before! You had addresses and birthdates which I was mainly interested in... and phone numbers, so I can get in touch with them, too. Great Website!!” - Nancy of Lincolnton, NC (12/28/19)

One great feature about TruthFinder is that it states the birth dates and ages on reports. People really enjoy having locations and phone numbers listed as well so that they may contact relatives, friends, and more.

“l would definitely recommend this site anyone. The amount of provided information is amazing. I was able to get the information I needed, and then some. Names of possible siblings and associates was an unexpected plus. Try will not be disappointed.” - Linda L. of Buffalo, NY (02/09/19)

TruthFinder has been shown to contain a massive amount of information in its reports and proves that it is one of the most accurate people search tools.

Compared To Competition

TruthFinder stands out above its competitors by being the highest-ranked people search engines. It boasts its 4.1-star rating over its competitors and provides a quality customer support service.


TruthFinder is one of the highest-rated online public records tools out there. Consumer Affairs shows constant updates of TruthFinder’s satisfied and pleased customers. 

Better Business Bureau

While TruthFinder’s BBB star rating has room for improvement, it still maintains an A+ rating from the BBB by providing excellent quality support to each and every one of its customers. 


“TruthFinder is the best background search page out there and at an amazing price for all of the information produced.” - Margaret S.  (05/19/19)

TruthFinder appears to be one of the best ‘bang for the buck’ background search engines as it provides a great amount of information for a fraction of the price.

“Truthfinder has been very helpful to all my daily activities, deep web searches and background checks. I have used their service countless times and they delivered.”            - Jaime C (08/13/18)

A lot of TruthFinder uses find the Dark Web Search feature very useful as it distinguishes their brand from various other competitors.

“The product worked as advertised and there were no hidden fees or surprises… I  can see myself using their services again in the future.” - Elton P.  (06/12/18)

You cancancel a TruthFinder accountat any given time. If you would like your information removed from the site, you can request to have yourinformation removedas well. They provide an honest billing system that shows you the flat rates of what you will pay for their services.

Compared To Competition

While there are various other competitors in the people search market, TruthFinder maintains a great record of providing both accurate and affordable background reports andreverse lookups

There are plenty of features and options that TruthFinder provides compared to its competitors that helps keep you safe and content with your purchase.


Though TruthFinder can definitely improve their star rating, they make up for it with their A+ rating for service to their customers.. TruthFinder provides the best possible customer experience for its customers and assures quality support.


TruthFinder maintains a 3.8 star rating from HighYa  by providing customers with quality customer support and valuable information in their services.


“We have had some very serious problems with drug abuse within our family. This includes some of our children, grandchildren, and some more distant relatives as well. We are in our 70's and live on a small rural farm located approximately 45 minutes from our county law enforcement. Some of the people our relatives have as friends and associates are not the best of people. TruthFinder allows us to keep track of some potential threats to our well being!” - Donald K. (09/19/19)

TruthFinder provides valuable insights on past criminal records in their reports and also provide a sex offender map to make sure you can protect your family and have a deeper awareness of the people whom you surround yourself with.

“I found that the interface was extremely easy to use. I recommend it to anyone wanting to do a background check. You will be amazed at what shows up...truly exciting stuff. Very affordable as well. Cannot beat the bang for the buck!” - Rodney W. (09/13/19)

TruthFinder provides some of the most thorough and accurate people reports out there. These seem to be some of the most affordable  reports on the market.

“I am shocked at some info I have uncovered. You can never be too safe or trusting these days. With that in mind, I am so glad I signed up. I feel a little safer and so does my family. There are a couple of people that I had a gut instinct about and I didn’t want to judge. TruthFinder confirmed just what I needed to know about these intruders.” - Carolyn W. (09/10/19)

TruthFinder provides a valuable way of protecting your friends and family by providing a way to lookup past records of certain people. 

Compared To Competition

TruthFinder remains a people search leader with its ranking staying high with a 3.8-star score. The best features that it has compared to its competitors is that it has a verysimple and efficient interface, it provides thorough information such as criminal records, and it contains a sex offender map feature.

TruthFinder offers a higher amount of features that its competitors and appears to have higher accuracy for a fraction of the price.


TruthFinder keeps its 3.8 star rating by providing thorough records and providing accurate results to its customers. It allows customers to have peace-of-mind by providing information such as criminal records and nearby sex offenders. TruthFinder has been shown to be very reliable and a valuable people search tool.

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Trust Pilot

TruthFinder holds a 4-star rating from Trust Pilot by providing its customers valuable and thorough reports compiled into simple reports. 


“I search for many years for some of my family. I recently used this service and was amazed at the results… I needed to contact lost family before leaving the USA in June 2019. This site was a great help to me.” - Richard M. Mason (07/11/19)

TruthFinder allows families and friends to connect by providing possible addresses, phone numbers, emails, and social medias in their reports.

“Timely and helpful. Seems to be accurate. Some minor errors in information but I like to know if people are telling me the truth. Usually people what to cover up their criminal past.” - Hedy Dembowski (06/24/29)

Like any source of information, there may be possible errors in some of the data the TruthFinder supplies. You have the option to flag any possible errors inside of the people reports for a customer service representative to fix these issues.

“I've used TruthFinder several times to look up multiple different people, and each time I'm amazed at the shear volume of information they find on a person. They create a coherent report with all that info and store it on their site for you (and even allow you to download a PDF copy to your own computer, if you wish). It makes me wonder what they can find about me.” - Shawn Mc (06/21/19)

Customers value the PDF reports on TruthFinder because they allow you to store people reports on your computer for offline use. There are various types of thorough information stored in each and every report.

Compared To Competition

Compared to its competitors, TruthFinder maintains a great standing for its online reputation on Trust Pilot. TruthFinder offers various features such as PDF downloads for offline viewing of reports, flag issues option, andcontact information data.

Customers seem to be genuinely satisfied with TruthFinder’s thorough and accurate reports. The various features added to the reports adds to TruthFinder’s usefulness and quality compared to its competitors.


With a 3.8 star rating on Trust Pilot, TruthFinder surpasses its competitors by offering reports that connect people, that enlightens people’s criminal histories, and that shows a great amount of background history information.

TruthFinder is a very respected people search tool according to the Trust Pilot community and it provides a massive amount of information for afraction of the cost.

For more information about TruthFinder's services, you can viewthis FAQ sectionthat provides more insight.

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